Tri-County Aquatics™ Inc.

is a full service pond and lake management company, specializing in superior waterway management programs. We develop specific management programs to control nuisance aquatic vegetation, weeds and algae, in small backyard farm ponds, inland lakes, canals, marinas and other waterways.

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Tri-County Aquatics’™ goal is to create a management program designed to your specific aquatic needs. With almost 20 years of experience in the aquatic management industry, we have the solution to your pond and lake needs.

Floating Fountains

Floating fountains are a great addition to any waterway. They are aesthetically appealing and are a great source of water aeration.

Aquatic Vegetation Control

Tri-County Aquatics™, Inc. specializes in the control of nuisance aquatic vegetation in ponds, lakes, canals, marinas and many other waterways.

Aquatic Mowing

Using our onboard GPS guidance and tracking technology, we can log and report areas that have been cut, giving our customers an accurate overview with satellite imagery of the work completed.

Aeration Systems

Tri-County Aquatics™ has been selling, installing, servicing and using water aeration as a management tool for many years.

Water Quality Testing

We offer full service water testing for bacteria levels, organics, and total water quality index.

Equipment Sales

In the many years that Tri-County Aquatics™ has been successfully managing waterways, we have also offered a multitude of aquatic maintenance and management equipment.
Tri-County Aquatics, Inc is a long time member of the following industry organizations:

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